Articles dans revues scientifiques internationales à comité de lecture
Dr Armand Paranque
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Esthetic and functional reconstruction of the posttumoral interrupted mandible with double-barrel fibular free flap graft: rationale for a microsurgical and prosthodontic approach. Paranque AR, Steve M, Vazquez L, Bolleyn A, Roze-Pellat MA, Dohan Ehrenfest DM
Ethnic rhinoplasty, treatment modalities. Paranque AR, Meyer C, Charrier JB, Racy E
Cranial-bone grafting under local anesthesia. Paranque AR
Management of a basocellular carcinoma of the cheek. Steve M, Paranque AR, Barthélémy I, Bui P
First treatment of distal loss of tissue on lower limbs. About 15 cases. Marchaland JP, Bey E, Paranque AR, Ollat D, Boddaert G, Versier G
Preprosthesis surgery: a case of oligodontia. Ferri J, Stoelinga PJ, Cawood JI, Tulasne JF, Paranque AR, Andrei JF
Cervico-facial rejuvenation: treatment plan and key points for surgery. Paranque AR, Levan P, Bellavoir A, Arnaud E
Diversity and versatility: obstacles to excellence?. Paranque AR
Management of mandibular ameloblastoma. Bouletreau P, Paranque AR, Steve M, Ranoarivony T, Chossegros C, Ruhin B, Ben Slama L, Rocton S, Bouvier S, Ernenwein D, Bertolus C, Rigolet A, Bertrand JC, Auriol M, Breton P
The French Association of Young Maxillofacial Surgeons: five years on. Paranque AR,
Cervicojugal lifting with the SMAS flap. Paranque AR, Levan P
What is maxillofacial surgery?. Méningaud JP, Paranque AR, Brue E
Vertical alveolar distraction in the posterior mandible. Paranque AR, Denhez F, Bolleyn A, Denes L
Reconstruction of the nasal pyramid after extended transfixing loss of lateral tissue. Paranque AR, Ranoarivony T, Steve M
On post-traumatic ptosis. Paranque AR, Steve M, Gola R, Krastinova D, Franchi G
Optimizing Lipostructures: applications in maxillofacial surgery. Levan P, Paranque AR
Traumatic loss of substance of the upper lip. Morand B, Sadek H, Devauchelle B, Labbé , Paranque AR, Cariou JL
Pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland. Paranque AR, Breton P, Ben Slama L, Bertrand JCh, Goga D
Optimized Practical Teaching and the Tour of France: a necessary alliance?. Paranque AR
Vascularized bone grafts in the treatment of hemifacial microsomia. Paranque AR, Cariou JL, Bey E, Fossat S
Vertical alveolar distraction osteogenesis of the posterior edentulous mandible: a case report. Paranque AR, Denhez F, Bey E, Gouzien G, Cantaloube D
Postoperative monitoring of free fibular grafts by dynamic magnetic resonance imaging. Preliminary results in three cases of mandibular reconstruction. Bey E, Paranque AR, Pharaboz C, Cariou JL
The craniofacial architectural factors predisposing to a skeletal Class II identified by Jean Delaire's architectural analysis. Paranque AR
Parietal grafts in maxillofacial and pre-implant surgery. Fleuridas G, Favre E, Paranque AR, Chikhani L, Lockhart R, Dubruille JH, Bertrand JC, Guilbert F